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Download the latest free Minecraft launcher compatible with LifeCraft and the latest versions (1.8 to 1.13).
This free Minecraft launcher can be downloaded with many features and optimizations, allows you to play without any lag.
Available for both Premium and Crack versions.

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What advantages ?


Optimized for full compatibility with all servers, the Lifecraft launcher offers complete benefits such as pre-registered servers where you can play to for free. This launcher is compatible with skin.

Open to crack

Our Minecraft launcher makes you able to connect with both Premium and Cracked versions. Didn't pay for Minecraft PC ? It's not a problem anymore. Download Minecraft crack for free.

Versions 1.8 to 1.14

The Launcher is compatible for versions 1.8 to 1.14. Play for free on all your favorite servers. You can also modify the game settings to change the version and connect to your favorite Minecraft Server.


You can mod this Minecraft launcher, which includes Minecraft Forge by default. Besides, the launcher implements Optifine, to optimize performance.

Frequently updated

This Minecraft launcher is up to date in . You can download the game whenever you want, updates are done regularly and automatically. This launcher has many optimizations.

Team Shiginima is currently distributing the launcher for Team Shiginima. We are working hard to distribute our own Launcher very soon :) Thank Team Shiginima for their work.

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